Landscape Lighting

When you come home at night, do you have trouble seeing the path from your car to the front door? Installing lighting along the walkway from your driveway to the entry can drastically reduce the chance of falls and injuries. The best part is you can go solar. The lights look amazing and won’t use any of your electricity.

## Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting delivers functionality and beauty to outdoor spaces after dusk. Here are some key benefits:

### Enhanced Curb Appeal

Strategically placed lighting highlights the best features of your home and landscaping. Lighting adds drama and makes your property more inviting after dark.

### Improved Safety

Lighting along walkways, steps, and driveways improves navigation and prevents slips or falls. Security lights deter intruders and illuminate hazards.

### Extended Enjoyment

Spend more time outdoors after sunset with lighting. Illuminate patios, decks, gazebos, gardens, and other areas to enjoy into the evening.

### Added Privacy

Lights directed at house features like entrances provide visibility while keeping the rest of the yard shrouded in peaceful darkness.

### Reduced Light Pollution

Focused, low-voltage landscape lighting adds illumination precisely where needed without excessive glare. It enhances rather than distracts from the night sky.

### Energy Efficient Options

Many lighting options like LED and solar run on little to no electricity, reducing environmental impact and your energy bill.

### Increases Home Value

Outdoor lighting can boost a property’s value over 5%. Curb appeal and functionality matter to potential buyers.

### Year-Round Interest

Lighting transforms the look of your landscape during all seasons. Highlight winter snow or extend summer fun into the evenings.

With the right lighting plan designed by our experts at Paradise Landscapes, you can reap all these benefits and more. We’ll help you use lighting to make your Lorain, OH property shine.

## Lighting Techniques and Options

Numerous lighting techniques and fixture types allow us to develop unique, effective plans tailored to your specific property and needs:

### Up Lighting

Up lights directed at trees and architectural features create a dramatic, aesthetic look. Upward casting light highlights the textures and shapes of surfaces.

### Down Lighting

Down lighting illuminates walls, fences, steps, and low vegetation for visibility and security. The fixtures shine down from above.

### Path Lighting

Low-level lights along walkways, driveways, and paths light the way and safely guide visitors. Stake lights or step lights are ideal path lighting.

### Flood and Area Lighting

For illuminating large spaces like patios, gardens, or yards, flood or area lighting casts broad, powerful light pools from shielded fixtures.

### Accent Lighting

Highlight special details and focal points like fountains, art, or specimen plants with narrow-beamed accent lights.

### Silhouette Lighting

Backlighting trees, shrubs, and structures to silhouette their shape against a background glow is a striking technique.

### Deck and Patio Lights

Post cap lights, mini hanging pendant lights, or recessed deck lighting extends time spent on outdoor living spaces into the night.

### Uplighting

Uplighting placed beneath trees and shrubs casts a natural-looking glow from below to showcase foliage and texture.

### Path Lighting

Rope lights, LED strips, or small spot lights in/along steps, paths, curbs, or benches improve visibility and safety.

### Solar Lights

Eco-friendly solar fixtures absorb sun during the day to power LEDs at night. Perfect for gardens, driveways, or accent lighting.

### LED Lighting

LEDs consume very little energy and last far longer than other bulb types. Our designers select durable, efficient LED fixtures.

### Low Voltage

We recommend low voltage systems for efficiency, safety and ease of installation. Low voltage reduces operating costs.

### Smart Technology

Smart controls like timers, motion sensors, and app integration provide convenience and automation. Lighting can respond to your presence and routines.

### Materials

Fixtures come in a range of materials like weather-resistant bronze, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or plastic/resin. Our designers will select high-quality options that coordinate with your landscape and home.

With all these techniques and fixture types at our disposal, Paradise Landscapes can devise creative, customized lighting plans to meet any need or desire. We’ll illuminate the standout features of your property and highlight improvements like garden beds, sheds, pergolas, patios and more. The result will be a landscape that shines from dusk ‘till dawn!

## Paradise Landscapes Lighting Design Process

Success begins with an in-depth design and planning process. Our lighting experts approach every project in phases:

### Consultation

It starts by meeting you on-site to listen to your vision, assess needs, and gain inspiration from the property. We’ll discuss how you plan to use your space after dark.

### Design

Next, we map out a lighting plan – selecting proper techniques, fixtures, and locations tailored to your landscape’s unique elements and features.

### Installation

Our team neatly installs wiring, transformers, fixtures, and controls according to codes and best practices for performance and safety.

### Programming and Testing

We’ll program smart controls, timers and sensors. Then, adjustments are made as needed to optimize ambiance and functionality.

### Support

You’ll receive instructions on operating and maintaining your new landscape lighting. We provide ongoing service and maintenance to keep your system running flawlessly.

Our meticulous approach results in breathtaking, hassle-free outdoor lighting to transform your property after dusk.

## Paradise Landscapes: Landscape Lighting Experts

With decades of experience, Paradise Landscapes are the experts Lorain, OH homeowners trust for beautiful, functional landscape lighting. Here’s how we excel:

### Diverse Expertise

Our team includes lighting specialists as well as landscape architects and designers. We combine lighting technique expertise with artistic vision.

### Local Knowledge

Fully familiar with Ohio’s climate, our recommendations suit the unique conditions of your yard. We know which fixtures and plants thrive here.

### Quality Products

We use only commercial grade fixtures from trusted brands, avoiding cheap big-box store kits prone to issues. Our lights are built to last.

### Responsible Installation

Avoid “freelance” handymen and ensure safety with our electrical know-how, permits, bond, insurance and licensing. We follow codes.

### Seamless Service

From design to completion, our project managers oversee your job ensuring prompt, consistent service until you’re 100% satisfied with the final result.

### Ongoing Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime workmanship warranty. We also offer maintenance plans to keep your lighting looking its best for years on end.

Let Paradise Landscapes make your Lorain, OH home shine with artistic, functional lighting! Contact us for a free consultation or quote.

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