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Every town and city has a significant historical component, and North Olmstead is no exception. This community on the western edge of Cleveland is very distinctive both inside and out. In this area, you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and activities of a city that each have their own unique identity. We have a strong commitment to offering only the best services, and we want to continue helping the wonderful residents of North Olmstead for many years to come.

Why choose Paradise Landscapes for your landscaping needs?

What Services Do We Offer In North Olmstead, Ohio?

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Landscape design and installation don't happen overnight or without forethought and attention. As a landscaping business, we have extensive training in the construction of landscapes, the planning that goes into it, and the maintenance of the finished product. As a consequence, whether it be commercial or residential lawns, we can significantly improve the use and appearance of your property!

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Landscape Lighting

For your landscape and, more significantly, the people that stroll through it, landscape lighting performs a variety of functions. Your property looks beautiful at night because it illuminates landscape accents like beautiful trees and water features. However, it also keeps individuals safe when they're strolling around because illumination significantly reduces the risk of stumbling and unwelcome intrusions.


There are wonderful landscaping installations that are constructed of hard surfaces rather than organic materials that assist unify the whole design. They are designed to safeguard your landscape, provide space for entertaining, and enlarge its aesthetic appeal. These new surfaces can be installed effectively where they will benefit the most and offer the best views.

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Lawn Maintenance

Your home or place of business is set off by your grass. If you don't take care of it, you'll give potential customers a bad first impression and cease inviting friends over for visits. Both sides working together to create a landscape you can be proud of, maintenance maintains your grass looking lovely while keeping it healthy!

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